Loop Bottle Opener

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on July 31st, 2014

Field Loop Bottle Opener

Everyone loves a great looking beer.  That perfect brew poured into the right glassware, sitting there and looking perfectly delicious.  But before you can pour that perfect glass, you need to open the bottle.  To get a great looking beer, why not use a great looking bottle opener.  The Loop Bottle Opener is beautifully designed and just the tool you need to get that beautiful brew.

The Loop bottle opener was designed by Oscar Diaz and is cast from pure 304 stainless steel in Milwaukee, WI.  The satin finish feels great in the hand and the weight is perfect.  Hefty enough that it feels well built (it’ll last as long as you do) but it still feels nicely balanced like a precision tool.  The Loop just feels great in your hand.  You don’t want to set it down.  You want to line-up a dozen bottles and pop the tops on all of them.  This is a bottle opener that will see lots of use and still always look great.  A stylish opener with a design that works anywhere.  From the backpack to the BBQ to the kitchen drawer, the Loop fits in everywhere and comes in handy anywhere you keep it.

A great beer deserves a great bottle opener and the Loop is certainly a great one.  With great design, awesome build quality and the utility you need to pop bottles for years, this is a sweet addition to any craft beer lover’s arsenal.  Add one to your collection too.  Order your Loop Bottle Opener from the Field website.

Loop Bottle Opener

Beer Blizzard Bottle Chiller

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on June 6th, 2014

Beer Blizzard

A cold beer – there are few things in life finer.  When warm weather comes, there is no better place to be than outside enjoying some delicious brews with friends.  Sadly, the summer heat we all enjoy has a negative effect on our favorite beverage.  It warms beers to less than optimal drinking temp with a quickness.  The Beer Blizzard keeps your brew nice and cool while you enjoy beverage after beverage with buds.

The Beer Blizzard is a simple freezable plastic disc that you insert into the bottom of your beer koozie.  The frozen disc keeps your beer on ice while you imbibe.  Shaped like the bottom of your craft can, the disc struggles up with your brew to keep things cool.  It also works with beer bottles.  Each little disc is RF welded so it won’t leak and the thermoplastic polyurethane construction means it won’t pop or leave a wet mess of condensation.  Each disc should stay cold enough for a couple brews, unless you drink like a grandma.  Well, not my grandma.  She can put them back and enjoys the flavor of HopSlam.

With summer here, it’s time to head outside and enjoy plenty of brews.  Keep them cold while you’re drinking with the Beer Blizzard.  This little frozen puck will keep your beverage at optimal drinking temp, even under the hot sun.  To grab a couple, head over to the Beer Blizzard Kickstarter page and make a pledge today.  They’ve already reached their funding goal and will be shipping soon.

Beer Blizzard Puck

Bar Game Drink Mats

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on May 2nd, 2014

Bar Games Drink Mats

Beer coasters.  That little piece of cardboard found at bars everywhere.  They help to protect the surface of the bar/table, absorb some of the condensation and overflow from your beer, and act as another spot for brewers to get advertising in front of you.  They’ve become so ubiquitous that we hardly notice them anymore.  So what if they served another purpose?  One that could hold your attention for more than just a few seconds?  What if they kept your attention by offering all kinds of games?  Bar Game Drink Mats from SUCKS UK offers just that with plenty beer coaster fun.

The Bar Game Drink Mats is a box of 30 beer coasters, each with it’s own game or purpose.  Darts, spin the bottle, sudoku, and more, they’re all here.  The bar mats also offer useful coasters like one with lines designed to be folded and wedged under the table leg to steady uneven tables (both thick and thing corrections included).  A coaster that folds and leaves a sign letting others know you’ve run to the bathroom or you’re out grabbing a smoke.  Chutes and ladders, I Spy, and a maze.  A bar coaster you can flip to see who buys the next drink.  Bar peanut darts and a lots more.  There are enough bar games here to keep you busy for a long time.  They’re also great for putting under a glass of your favorite craft beer.

Beer coasters have gotten a bit boring.  They serve a great purpose but they certainly could be more entertaining.  Bar Game Drink Mats offer up a load of games to entertain yourself and friends while you enjoy pints together.  They’re great for your coffee table, home bar, and they’d be great at your local brewpub too.  If you’re looking for more entertainment value from your coasters (bet you didn’t know you were until just now), be sure to check out the Bar Game Drink Mats available here, from SUCKS UK.

Game Beer Coasters

SipSnapp Beer Menu Scanner

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on April 29th, 2014


We’ve all found options on a beer list that we’ve had questions about.  The list includes just the beer names and no description or it has a description but we’d like to know what others think of it.  We can simply head to a beer rating site like RateBeer and look up more information on these brews, but what if there was a much easier way?  The new SipSnapp app makes finding out more the beer menu a snap.

SipSnapp requires just a simple picture of the beer menu and you’ll have descriptions, ratings, and more pulled from RateBeer in seconds.  Simply use your iPhone to take a picture of the bar’s beer menu and SipSnapp pulls all of that information for you.  No more manually searching for beer ratings on your smartphone.  SipSnapp also has a barcode scanner to make shopping for beer at your local liquor store quick and easy.  Simply scan the barcode with your phones camera and it’ll return info on your potential purchase.  This app is great for those new to craft beer looking to learn more about the options available to them.  It takes much of the fear of ordering something they make not like out of the equation.  Snap and you’ve got plenty of info to base your drink decision on.

SipSnapp makes it quick and easy to find out more about the beer menu at any bar or restaurant you visit.  They also hope to expand the app to cover wine too.  While not all craft beer drinkers may get into wine, it’d certainly be nice for the casual wine drinker to be able to find out more about the wine options before ordering.  I know many are intimidated by all of the choices and knowing little about wine to begin with.

The folks at SipSnapp are currently running a Kickstarter project to raise money to build the app.  Current plans are for an iOS version but they will add an Android version too if they reach a $50k funding goal.  A couple dollar contribution can get you a 1-year or a lifetime subscription to the SipSnapp app and help fund this great app.  Check out their Kickstarter page for more information and help make this useful beer utility a reality.

Sliced Beer Glasses

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on April 23rd, 2014

Slided Beer Glass

Every good beer needs a good glass.  We all have plenty of glassware.  It seems even if you don’t buy it, as a craft beer drinker, your beer class collection always continues to grow. I haven’t bought a glass in years yet I had over 8 cases of glassware the last time I moved.  But shaker pint glasses are boring.  We all have a ton of them and they’re all pretty much the same.  You want a glass that your friends will really notice the next time they come over to have a couple brews.  These Slided Beer Glasses are sure to make quite the impression.

The Sliced Beer Glass is pretty surreal looking.  It appears someone took a samurai sword and went to town on the glass.  This cool looking illusion is sure to catch anyones eye and make them take a closer took.  The tall glasses appear to be cut pilsner glasses and be nice filled with your favorite pils.  Something like Victory Prima Pils, Troegs Sunshine Pils, Schell’s Pislner, and many others would be great choices.

There are a ton of different styles of glassware out there.  For those looking for something other than the boring old shaker pint, these should be part of their collection.  Spice up your glassware selection and add something different that your friends certainly won’t have to your lineup.  Buy the Sliced Beer Glasses here.

Surreal Sliced Beer Glasses

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on April 11th, 2014

Fridge Beer Bottle Opener

The bottle opener.  That simple little gadget that lets us get at that tasty craft beer we love.  There are a million of them out there but sometimes it can take precious moments to find.  How about a bottle opener that was right there when you needed it?  One that was mounted right on the spot you go to get that cold beer?  The Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet is right there, on the fridge when you need to pop bottles.

The Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet from SUCK UK offers a convenient way to keep a bottle opener handy, in a spot it can be used as soon as you grab a bottle from the fridge.  Stick it to the fridge and you’ll never spend time searching through your kitchen drawers looking for a bottle opener again.  These things mount with a super strong magnet so there is no danger that prying even stubborn bottle tops will pull it off.   The reflective polished surface looks great, and the bottle opener fridge magnet if available in red and white too.  Check out how good you look opening that bottle in the mirrored surface.  Lookin’ good.

Bottle openers are a tool that no beer lover can do without but having one handy can be an issue.  Stick a bottle opener where it’s always accessible and at the ready with this great looking fridge opener.  Never search your junk drawer for the key to your beverage bliss again.  Check out the Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet here on the SUCKS UK site.

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Side Effect Drinking Game

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on March 29th, 2014

Side Effect Drinking Game

There are a million drinking games.  From our college years, there are games like quarters, flip cup, beer pong, asshole and a million more.  They’re all good fun when you’re hanging with friends and want to make getting a buzz into a bit more fun.  Want to learn a new game?  One that’s overly complicated and hard to learn?  Side Effect is the drinking game for you!

Side Effect features a bunch of cards and some overly complicated rules to help you do what you already plan on doing tonight, drink.  Better read the instructions while you’re sober because with so many rules, there is no way you’re remember them when you’ve had a couple bottles of brew.  After reading the instructions over twice, it still wasn’t clear how all of the rules worked.  What drinking games general have in common is simple tasks or rules and ones that can still be remembered when you’re shitfaced.  Not Side Effects.  You’ll forget how to play before you finish your first beer.  A drinking game for people that hate themselves.

While drinking games generally bring us together with friends as we laugh and get drunk, Side Effects is likely to be one that will bring you and your friends to blows as you argue over rules that make no sense.  Though it should accomplish the goal of getting drunk, as you down a bunch of beers to ease the pain of attempting to understand the rules.  If you’d like to give it a try, pickup a copy of the Side Effect drinking game on their website.

Side Effect Drinking Game Cards

Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on March 21st, 2014

Beer Cap Collector ShadowBox

Craft beer drinking and collecting seem to go hand-in-hand.  We collect bottles, growlers, labels, glassware, brewery swag, beer fest programs, and of course, bottle caps.  We collect dozens of those little metal tops from all of our favorite breweries, usually with the intent on doing something with them some day.  But what?  People come up with all kinds of ideas for their cap collections.  Covering a table/bar top, earrings, various craft projects, and much more.  Though we may have a million ideas, it seems very few follow through with them.  How about an awesome way to display all of those bottle caps, right now?  The Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box from Craft Beer Hound is the coolest way to show off your bottle cap collection.

The Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box is an awesome addition to any beer lover’s collection.  The more bottled beer you drink, the more caps you have to fill your collector box.  A hole in the top of the shadow box makes it easy to add each additional cap to the collection.  The box has a hefty construction and a classy beer glass graphic (also available with “Good Times, Good Beers” printed on the glass).  In my case, I’ve chosen to only keep unique caps, rather than keeping every cap.  This makes for a smaller collection but also more variety in the cap collection.  The cap collection grows with the memories (some may be fuzzy) of all the great beer you’ve enjoyed, and the wall art gets even better too.

This shadow box is the coolest way to show off caps from the awesome beers you’ve enjoyed over time.  It’s a piece that everyone will love and a sure conversation starter (everyone that has seen mine has loved it).  The build quality is great and it looks classy.  It’s an awesome gift idea for any beer lover and the coolest wall hanging around.  This shadow box doesn’t mean that you can’t still do all those other things you’d planned to do with your bottle caps.  Instead, it’s a great way to show them off  while you collect enough for your project.  Get one for yourself and start showing off your bottle cap collection.  Head over to the Craft Beer Hound site to buy the Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box and check out their other awesome items.

Beer Cap Shadow Box

B.O.B. Bottle Opener Cutting Board

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on February 28th, 2014

B.O.B. Bottle Opener Cutting Board

Bottle openers everywhere.  And why not?  They’re awesome.  Those little beer gadgets get us into bottles of our favorite beverage!  Pop a top and you’re drink in’ good.  The problem is, while we have a ton of them, they never seem to be there when you need them.  You always find yourself searching for one and can never find one when you need it.  When you’re at the beach, when you’re on the boat, even in the kitchen.  They’re never there when you need them.  The B.O.B. (Bottle Opener Board) solves all that.

The B.O.B. bottle opener board combines the convenience of a cutting board and a beer bottle opener that’s always there when you need it.  Bottle openers hide in the nooks and crannies of your various kitchen drawers but cutting boards are always easy to find, and your bottle opener is too now that it’s built-in.  I can’t count the number of times that we’ve gone out on the boat and made sure we had plenty of beer, plenty of hard alcohol with for the drinks, and plenty of ice, only to find that we didn’t think about a bottle opener.  It always ends with someone pissing off the boat owner by opening their bottle on various parts of a nice new boat.  Not cool.  This cutting board makes sure that doesn’t happen.  Pop your bottle, then cut up a lime for your beer right on it.  Be prepared for once in your life.  Your mother would be proud.

The B.O.B. is available in not just the size shown here but also a smaller travel size and a large one for the kitchen.  A bottle opening board for every occasion.  Additionally, check out their package with 2 boards plus a stand for them that also doubles as an iPad stand.  Perfect for reading recipes in the kitchen, without getting your iPad dirty.  And if you really want the whole set, there’s also an option with 2 boards plug matching ceramic knives.  All the B.O.B.s are made of sustainable bamboo which is not just Earth friendly, it’s also anti-bacterial.  The finish of the boards looks great and bamboo is more than hard enough to stand up to years of cutting and chopping while the stainless steel opener will pop all the tops you can throw at it.

The B.O.B. takes two great gadgets and combines them into a great looking and highly functional package that anyone can use.  Chop and pop, the B.O.B. has you covered.  Grab yourself one of these awesome cutting board, bottle opener combos.  You’ll get a ton of use out of both.  Help get this great project funded by heading over to the B.O.B. (Bottle Opener Board) Cutting Board Kickstarter project here.

Bottle Opener Cutting Board

Kegbot: Tablet-Powered Beer Kegerator

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on February 20th, 2014


Kegerators rock.  What craft beer lover wouldn’t want to have cold beer on tap at home all the time?  Your favorite beer is readily available and no pesky bottle caps to open to get it.  But what happens when the keg suddenly runs out?  And what if you could track all your beer drinking greatness with ease?  The Kegbot tablet kegerator computer has you covered!

Kegbot is an Android tablet app, along with a microcontroller and flow sensor, to monitor your keg enjoyment.  Once setup, the Kegbot can tell you (and the world) what you have on tap, how many pints you’ve consumed, how many are left, and more.  The flow sensor keeps track of the beer and lets you see when that keg is going dry, long before you run out, and without the need to constantly open the kegerator up and give the keg a shake.  Set up account for yourself and friends and the Kegbot can track all of you.  It can also tweet when you drink to let you show everyone your great taste and drinkin’ ability.  It also links up with Untappd to allow you to track beers on the beer based social network.  Want to document your drinking greatness?  The Kegbot can even take pictures.  The software open-source so you can add anything you can think of too!

Having a beer at home is great and having your own kegerator is even better.  The Kegbot keeps track of all your keg drinking data and makes it even more fun to pull a pint of your homebrew or favorite craft brew.  See how much you’re drinking, know when it’s time to get a new keg, and share sessions with others online with this great gadget.  The Kegbot is currently in the final days of their Kickstarter project.  Hurry and get a great discount on this product and help them get these cool keg companions on store shelves.  It’s sure to impress all your friends and be a great kegerator addition.  Check out the Kegbot Kickstarter page to fund this project now.

Kegbot Logo

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