Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on April 11th, 2014

Fridge Beer Bottle Opener

The bottle opener.  That simple little gadget that lets us get at that tasty craft beer we love.  There are a million of them out there but sometimes it can take precious moments to find.  How about a bottle opener that was right there when you needed it?  One that was mounted right on the spot you go to get that cold beer?  The Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet is right there, on the fridge when you need to pop bottles.

The Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet from SUCK UK offers a convenient way to keep a bottle opener handy, in a spot it can be used as soon as you grab a bottle from the fridge.  Stick it to the fridge and you’ll never spend time searching through your kitchen drawers looking for a bottle opener again.  These things mount with a super strong magnet so there is no danger that prying even stubborn bottle tops will pull it off.   The reflective polished surface looks great, and the bottle opener fridge magnet if available in red and white too.  Check out how good you look opening that bottle in the mirrored surface.  Lookin’ good.

Bottle openers are a tool that no beer lover can do without but having one handy can be an issue.  Stick a bottle opener where it’s always accessible and at the ready with this great looking fridge opener.  Never search your junk drawer for the key to your beverage bliss again.  Check out the Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet here on the SUCKS UK site.

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on March 21st, 2014

Beer Cap Collector ShadowBox

Craft beer drinking and collecting seem to go hand-in-hand.  We collect bottles, growlers, labels, glassware, brewery swag, beer fest programs, and of course, bottle caps.  We collect dozens of those little metal tops from all of our favorite breweries, usually with the intent on doing something with them some day.  But what?  People come up with all kinds of ideas for their cap collections.  Covering a table/bar top, earrings, various craft projects, and much more.  Though we may have a million ideas, it seems very few follow through with them.  How about an awesome way to display all of those bottle caps, right now?  The Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box from Craft Beer Hound is the coolest way to show off your bottle cap collection.

The Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box is an awesome addition to any beer lover’s collection.  The more bottled beer you drink, the more caps you have to fill your collector box.  A hole in the top of the shadow box makes it easy to add each additional cap to the collection.  The box has a hefty construction and a classy beer glass graphic (also available with “Good Times, Good Beers” printed on the glass).  In my case, I’ve chosen to only keep unique caps, rather than keeping every cap.  This makes for a smaller collection but also more variety in the cap collection.  The cap collection grows with the memories (some may be fuzzy) of all the great beer you’ve enjoyed, and the wall art gets even better too.

This shadow box is the coolest way to show off caps from the awesome beers you’ve enjoyed over time.  It’s a piece that everyone will love and a sure conversation starter (everyone that has seen mine has loved it).  The build quality is great and it looks classy.  It’s an awesome gift idea for any beer lover and the coolest wall hanging around.  This shadow box doesn’t mean that you can’t still do all those other things you’d planned to do with your bottle caps.  Instead, it’s a great way to show them off  while you collect enough for your project.  Get one for yourself and start showing off your bottle cap collection.  Head over to the Craft Beer Hound site to buy the Beer Cap Collector Shadow Box and check out their other awesome items.

Beer Cap Shadow Box

B.O.B. Bottle Opener Cutting Board

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on February 28th, 2014

B.O.B. Bottle Opener Cutting Board

Bottle openers everywhere.  And why not?  They’re awesome.  Those little beer gadgets get us into bottles of our favorite beverage!  Pop a top and you’re drink in’ good.  The problem is, while we have a ton of them, they never seem to be there when you need them.  You always find yourself searching for one and can never find one when you need it.  When you’re at the beach, when you’re on the boat, even in the kitchen.  They’re never there when you need them.  The B.O.B. (Bottle Opener Board) solves all that.

The B.O.B. bottle opener board combines the convenience of a cutting board and a beer bottle opener that’s always there when you need it.  Bottle openers hide in the nooks and crannies of your various kitchen drawers but cutting boards are always easy to find, and your bottle opener is too now that it’s built-in.  I can’t count the number of times that we’ve gone out on the boat and made sure we had plenty of beer, plenty of hard alcohol with for the drinks, and plenty of ice, only to find that we didn’t think about a bottle opener.  It always ends with someone pissing off the boat owner by opening their bottle on various parts of a nice new boat.  Not cool.  This cutting board makes sure that doesn’t happen.  Pop your bottle, then cut up a lime for your beer right on it.  Be prepared for once in your life.  Your mother would be proud.

The B.O.B. is available in not just the size shown here but also a smaller travel size and a large one for the kitchen.  A bottle opening board for every occasion.  Additionally, check out their package with 2 boards plus a stand for them that also doubles as an iPad stand.  Perfect for reading recipes in the kitchen, without getting your iPad dirty.  And if you really want the whole set, there’s also an option with 2 boards plug matching ceramic knives.  All the B.O.B.s are made of sustainable bamboo which is not just Earth friendly, it’s also anti-bacterial.  The finish of the boards looks great and bamboo is more than hard enough to stand up to years of cutting and chopping while the stainless steel opener will pop all the tops you can throw at it.

The B.O.B. takes two great gadgets and combines them into a great looking and highly functional package that anyone can use.  Chop and pop, the B.O.B. has you covered.  Grab yourself one of these awesome cutting board, bottle opener combos.  You’ll get a ton of use out of both.  Help get this great project funded by heading over to the B.O.B. (Bottle Opener Board) Cutting Board Kickstarter project here.

Bottle Opener Cutting Board

Kegbot: Tablet-Powered Beer Kegerator

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on February 20th, 2014


Kegerators rock.  What craft beer lover wouldn’t want to have cold beer on tap at home all the time?  Your favorite beer is readily available and no pesky bottle caps to open to get it.  But what happens when the keg suddenly runs out?  And what if you could track all your beer drinking greatness with ease?  The Kegbot tablet kegerator computer has you covered!

Kegbot is an Android tablet app, along with a microcontroller and flow sensor, to monitor your keg enjoyment.  Once setup, the Kegbot can tell you (and the world) what you have on tap, how many pints you’ve consumed, how many are left, and more.  The flow sensor keeps track of the beer and lets you see when that keg is going dry, long before you run out, and without the need to constantly open the kegerator up and give the keg a shake.  Set up account for yourself and friends and the Kegbot can track all of you.  It can also tweet when you drink to let you show everyone your great taste and drinkin’ ability.  It also links up with Untappd to allow you to track beers on the beer based social network.  Want to document your drinking greatness?  The Kegbot can even take pictures.  The software open-source so you can add anything you can think of too!

Having a beer at home is great and having your own kegerator is even better.  The Kegbot keeps track of all your keg drinking data and makes it even more fun to pull a pint of your homebrew or favorite craft brew.  See how much you’re drinking, know when it’s time to get a new keg, and share sessions with others online with this great gadget.  The Kegbot is currently in the final days of their Kickstarter project.  Hurry and get a great discount on this product and help them get these cool keg companions on store shelves.  It’s sure to impress all your friends and be a great kegerator addition.  Check out the Kegbot Kickstarter page to fund this project now.

Kegbot Logo

Legless Pirate Bottle Opener & Corkscrew

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on February 19th, 2014

Legless Pirate Beer Bottle Opener

Most of us craft beer lovers are prepared to open bottles of brew with plenty of bottle openers.  While we might be prepared for opening bottle tops, are you ready when you come across a Belgian bottle that uses a cork instead?  Foil cutter and corkscrew?  The Legless Pirate Bottle Opener & Corkscrew has you coverrrrrrred.

The Legless Pirate is both bottle opener for opening metal tops and corkscrew for opening corked bottles (and wine too I suppose, if you’re into that sorta thing).  Sure there are other combo openers but this one does it pirate style.  Do those other ones have an eye-patch?  I think not.  In addition to being able to open caps and corks, the foil cutter is great for both foil and that pain in the ass wax some brewers put on their bottles (be careful not to cut yourself though, some of that wax is tough).  The opener has a rubberized exterior which makes it feel great in your hand and keeps it from slipping if your hands are wet.  This is a cool and unique waiter’s friend.

Craft beer drinkers are always prepared to open that next bottle of brew with a good bottle opener but at times we may not be prepared with corkscrew or a tool to cut the wax we find on more and more bottles these days.  Be prepared with a waiter’s friend that has a great looking pirate theme to it and get in to any bottle you might come across.  Get your Legless Pirate bottle opener and corkscrew here on the SUCKS UK website.

Legless Pirate Bottle Opener

Spin Chill Beer Chiller

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on February 17th, 2014

Spin Chill

There’s nothing quite like a cold beer.  Flavorful and delicious, it really hits the spot on a hot day (or any day).  Though a cold one is always welcome, we’ve all had experiences where we’ve found ourselves with less than cool brew.  We throw the bottles/cans in the freezer and wait for what seems like an eternity for our precious beverage to chill.  What if there was a better way?  There is, with the Spin Chill beer chiller.  A quick spin and you’ve got a cold beer at optimal drinking temp with a quickness.

The Spin Chill uses convection to quickly cool your beer to drinking temperature in no time.  Simply lock your beer bottle or can into the end of the Spin Chill (it also works with soda cans and wine bottles) and spin your brew in a bucket or cooler of water and ice for a minute.  Boom!  Cold beer.  “But then your beer will be all shaken up!”  Nope.  It actually foams less than usual.

What a great device to bring on the boat where space is at a premium.  All you need is a very small cooler of ice and water (plenty of water around the boat, you can actually use it to cool your drinks) and you can chill cases worth of beer in no time.  The Spin Chill is nice and compact so it can be packed for a trip anywhere.  Perfect for when you’re out in the woods and don’t want to haul a cooler along because of the added weight and bulk.  Find a steam and you’ve got cold craft beer.

Plenty of great times will be had with a delicious cold beer but getting that beer cold can be a challenge at times.  The Spin Chill makes cooling your craftbeer to drinking temperature quick and easy.  A quick spin in a cool bath and you’ve got beer that’s ready to drink.  Live with warm beer no longer.  Find out more about how it works and cool your beers in no time with a visit to the Spin Chill website here.

Naked Beer Labels For Homebrewers

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on February 14th, 2014

Naked Beer Labels For Homebrewers

For many of us that love craft beer, brewing our own beer seems a logical next step.  Who wouldn’t want to make their own right?  As many of us know, once that hobby starts, soon you’re brewing all the time and the bottles start piling up.  An issue many of us homebrewers (myself included) experience is keeping track of what’s what once those bottles begin to pile up.  Sure, you can throw a quick mark on the cap and call it good, but how about something better looking?  Naked Beer Labels for homebrewers are a great way to keep track of what’s in your bottles and look great in the process.

Naked Beer Labels are washable, writable, and reusable.  Simply use a Sharpie or dry-erase marker to label your bottles and stick them on.  A much easier way to identify what’s in the bottle compared with small markings on the bottle cap.  Naked Beer Labels are available in a number of different colors and shapes, so you can differentiate your homebrew even further.  Once you drink your precious brew, simply wash them and they’re ready to reuse again on your next batch of beer.  The waterproof vinyl will also stick to bottles even when they sweat so there is no worry about them coming off as the cool bottles warm a bit.

Homebrewing is an awesome hobby and a great way to create the product we all love, beer.  Getting creative with your brewing is great.  Why not have a creative way to label your bottles too.  With Naked Beer Labels, you can make your homebrew easy to identify and make it stand out from others.  For those home brewers looking for a great way to label their beers and stand out from others, check out the GarageMonk’s Etsy page here to order your Naked Beer Labels today.

Naked Homebrew Labels

Rustic Beer Tote

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on January 29th, 2014

Rustic Beer Tote

Beer is a very social beverage.  There’s nothing like getting together with a group of friends and sharing some great conversation, great laughs, and great beer.  Craftbeer drinkers often host tastings and other beer get togethers to share their beer and their love for it.  While it’s easy enough to throw your beer in a cardboard 6-pack holder to bring them to a tasting, you want something special, just like the beer you’re drinking.  This Rustic Beer Tote is just the thing to carry your beverages to your next beer event.

The handmade Twig Four Pack Rustic Beer Tote is so much cooler than a wimpy cardboard carrier.  And unlike that cardboard carrier, this tote won’t fall apart when it gets a little wet.  While you may look at this tote and think, “That’s simple.  I can make it myself.”, chances are, you never will.  Everyone says they can make this kinda stuff but the never do.  Made from reclaimed tropical wood, industrial steel wire, and an apple tree twig, the +100 5-star reviews for this thing make it obvious that people love them and the quality is great.

Bringing great beer to a social event is always a nice gesture.  The next time you’re looking to haul a couple brews somewhere, do so in something with much more style and much more unique than the plain ole’ 6-pack holder.  Do so with a sweet holder that’s sure to catch everyones attention.  Grab a handmade Rustic Beer Tote from their Etsy page here.

Twig Four Pack

nICE Mug Beer Mug Made Of Ice

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on January 22nd, 2014

nICE Mug Ice Beer Mug

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold beer? There are few things better than a cold one on a hot summer day. But warm beer can ruin your buzz with a quickness. So how do you keep your brew cold in the hot summer sun? A koozie is great but it will only keep your brew as cold as it started. nICE Mug will keep your favorite beer cold in even the hottest heats.

nICE Mug are mugs made of ice (you’d never guess by the name, right?). The mug molds make it easy to make as many frosty beverage holders as you need. Simply fill the mold with water and freeze. Then let them sit on the counter for a few minutes and then pop the ice mug out. Refill and start again to make more. Freeze enough for your weekend in the sun at the lake.

While a nICE Mug keeps your beer good and cold, how does one keep from freezing their hand or having their beverage slip right out? They’ve taken care of that issue with a simple holder. The holders not only keep your hands from freezing, they also have a sponge to soak up some of the mug melt to prevent you from spilling. Great idea.

The nICE Mug will keep your brew from getting warm in the summer heat. They’re fun and pretty cool (literally). Their website features some other cool ideas for the mugs such as putting fruit in the molds before freezing. Those would be cool for drinks other than beer but who drinks that stuff? Head over to the nICE Mug website and checkout the coldest mugs you can get.

nICE Mug Beer Mug

Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper

Posted by Beer Blogger | Beer Gadgets | Posted on January 17th, 2014

Milwaukee Bottle Opener Wire Stripper

Everyone needs a good, quality bottle opener.  One that will last many nights of many brews.  A bottle opener built tough to handle the abuse we craftbeer drinkers throw at it with countless bottles over countless years of enjoying great beverages.  Cheap liquor store checkout bottle openers for 99¢ suck.  They aren’t worth the cheap aluminum they’re made with.  You need a manly bottle opener.  Milwaukee Tool has you covered with a bottle opener and wire stripper that will last until the last beer.

The Milwaukee Bottle Opener is made by the same folks that make a saw for cutting 4 inches of solid concrete.  This thing is tough.  Made from hardened steel, the opener will pop any bottle you can throw at it.  It’s chrome plated to prevent rusting and has a nicely padded handle to insure a good grip.  While beer drinking and wire stripping don’t often go together (at least not thus far for myself in my beer drinking career) the opener does have a wire stripper that can handle up to 12ga wire.  Can’t hurt to have it, should you need it.

We all need plenty of bottle openers to make sure there is always one available when good beer is around (which is all the time, right?).  The Milwaukee Tool Bottle Opener and Wire Stripper is a high quality opener that will last longer than the beers in your cellar will.  A guy can never have too many bottle openers or gadgets.  Get a Milwaukee Tool Bottle Opener for your tool box here on Amazon.

Milwaukee Bottle Opener

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